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We call pullets who are getting close to the age when they will start laying eggs “at the point of lay.” How soon they start laying eggs depends on their parents and how well they were raised as chicks. Between 18 and 22 weeks, hens are expected to lay eggs. So, getting the hens early lets them get used to the farm and the way it is run.

Point of lay chickens

  1. The Point of Lay hens are 12 weeks old and have had all the shots they need for their age (you will need to get a veterinarian to complete the remaining vaccinations).
  2. They are raised in good conditions and cared for in the right way to make sure they do well on your farm.
  3. Most experts say that point-of-lay hens are the best way for new farmers to start making eggs from chickens. We have worked hard to give you peace of mind, whether you are a new or experienced poultry farmer.
  4. At 16 weeks old, when they are ready to lay eggs, the hens have made it through the hardest parts of raising chickens. This is because they were raised by experts.

Depending on how well you take care of the chickens on your farm, our point-of-lay hens should be laying more than 50% of their eggs within 2 to 3 months and more than 80% of their eggs or more within 4 to 5 months after we give them to you.

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