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Orego-Stim Liquid (1L)

Maintains a healthy immune system and maximizes intestinal health.


Orego-Stim is effective against parasites inhabiting the digestive system and particularly Eimeria Coccidia that causes coccidiosis in poultry.
Fattening poultry farms that supplement their feeds with Orego-Stim have demonstrated:

  • Increase in body mass and feed utilization
  • Dry padding
  • Significant decrease in mortality and morbidity rates in the flock
  • Decrease in use of antibiotic medications for digestive tract diseases


In cases of stress (eruption of coccidiosis/necrotic enteritis/bacterial infections of the intestines). Orego-Stim Liquid can also be administered through the drinking water.

Dosage: 300-500 cm³/1000L of water over approximately seven days.

Orego-Stim Liquid as a growth promoter
Dosage: 150 cm³/1000L of water over the entire growing period

Between the age of 1 day and until 15 days after weaning, 500 cm³/1000L of water. Up to 25 kg body weight – 250 cm³/1000L of water. Up to marketing day – 125 cm³/100L of water.
Pregnant and lactating sows – 125 cm³/1000L of water

Calves until complete weaning – 0.5 cm³/1L of water
Dairy cows (in case of diarrhea eruption) – 15 cm³/head per day for 28 days

Sheep & Goats:
Lambs and kids until complete weaning – 0.5 cm³/1L of water until the age of 28 days


Package size: 1 litre

Storages: Store in a cool and shaded area.

Application of parallel materials: allowed for use in parallel with other feed additives (growth promoters, medications, and coccidiostats). However, we do not recommend using Orego-Stim alongside probiotic components and yeast because it tends to react negatively to these substances.

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