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Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade | 25kg)

  • For human consumption, feed additive, food manufacturing and bakery and more.


It is used as one of the ingredients of baking powder, a food additive that regulates the pH, an ingredient of effervescent powdered drinks and effervescent tablets, in medicine (in case of excess acidity), in foam extinguishers (as a component of the alkaline part of the extinguisher – together with the dissolved foaming agent – see Spumogen) as an odor and moisture absorber and water softener.

Usage areas


Carbonate reacts with calcium (Ca2 ) and magnesium (Mg2 ) ions causing water hardness, precipitates and provides water softening.


Insect stings and bites are used to reduce itching and swelling when dressed with carbonated water.


It is also used in stomach burns caused by excessive secretion of gastric acid in the stomach.

Animal Nutrition

Sodium bicarbonate plays an important role in animal nutrition today. Primarily used as a dairy cow feed supplement, the buffering capability of Natural Soda’s pure and natural feed grade sodium bicarbonate helps stabilize rumen pH by reducing acidic conditions. Our pure and natural sodium bicarbonate is trusted by dairymen and nutritionists due to its excellent buffering capabilities and superior palatability.

Sodium bicarbonate is also fed as a partial replacement for salt in poultry rations. Broiler Operations find that sodium bicarbonate provides an alternative source of sodium that assists with litter control by providing drier litter and a healthier living environment.


Sodium bicarbonate is used to promote healthy growing conditions while simultaneously limiting fungal and other unwanted growth. Maintaining proper soil pH is vital to producing healthy crops. Sodium bicarbonate is a naturally alkaline compound that helps maintain proper pH to maximize crop production.


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