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Pro-Cure Vite (Supplement for Poultry and Livestock | 500g)


Pro-Cure Vite is well suited to enhance animal feed and facilitate delivery of beneficial substances to animals because it contains highly porous, high carbon content material and bio-flavonoids that is suitable for hosting beneficial microbes, holding liquids, and retaining and delivering a range of beneficial compounds and additives such as complex carbohydrates, proteins and plant oils that promote animal health. When used as an enhancement to animal feed,  Pro Cure Vet increases the animals’ uptake of foodstuffs and the energy contained within them, while reducing the number of nutrients lost into excrement and manure. It also acts to detoxify the animal by binding an assortment of heavy metals and other toxins while enriching the beneficial microbes in the digestive tract that are key to maintaining an animal’s metabolism and helping it to resist dangerous pathogens. The results are increased growth rates for animals consuming enhanced Pro cure Vite, as well as the better overall health of those same animals.
Pro-Cure Vite can also be used to improve the overall environment of animal stalls, pens, cages, and swine lagoons, as well as paddocks, corrals, and other animal enclosures, by promoting beneficial effects such as odor control, ammonia and nitrate management, and moisture absorption.


1. Improved Digestion: Pro-Cure Vite promotes improved digestion in animals.
2. Increased Immunity: As an adsorbent, Pro Curr Vite has been shown to lock up toxins in the digestive tract. This maintains the balance of microbial activity and avoids subsequent damage to the animal’s digestive system.

3. Increased Feed and Energy Efficiency: The addition of Pro-Cure Vite to poultry feed has been shown to improve the absorption of energy from feed, ultimately improving the efficiency of the feed.

4. Increased Growth Rates: Increased growth rates and final body weights in broilers as a result of adding Pro Cure Vite to their daily rations.

5. Reduced methane production in animals by providing a habitat for methane oxidation and microbial activity in the rumen, ultimately reducing net methane production.
6. Overall improved health and appearance
7. Increased vitality
8. Increased udder health
9. Reduced hoof issues
10. Decreased diarrhea
11. Decline in mortality rates
12. Increased milk protein
13. Reduced odor of slurry
14. Post-partum health stabilization

How to Use Procure Vite
For poultry: Mix 4 tablespoonfuls(50g) of procure vite per 25kg of feed.

For Livestock: Mix 5 tablespoonfuls of procuring vite per 25kg of feed

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