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Lysine Feed Supplement (25kg)


Lysine is one of the most widely used amino acids. It is an essential amino acid required in the diets of swine, poultry and most other animal species. Lysine offers a cost-effective way to supplement feedstuffs that are low or deficient in lysine. Primarily used in swine and poultry diets, Lysine also meets supplementation needs in aquaculture diets, and can benefit dairy cattle and pet diets as well. In equine diets, L-lysine can be used in feeds and supplements particularly for foals and young, growing horses.

Effects of L-Lysine on Livestock 

Promote estrus of livestock and poultry.

Improve the mating rate and survival rate of poultry.

Stress resistance and disease resistance.

Promote pet growth.

Improve pet immunity and resistance.

For better performance of breeders birds

For optimum feed utilization, Growth and Production

To obtain maximum breast and thigh yield

For optimum protein and energy utilization in Broilers and Layers

For higher egg production, bigger egg size and weight gain

Storage of Animal  Feed Additive l-lysine 

Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place


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