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Tihan Insecticide (Spirotetramat 75g/L + Flubendiamide 100g/L)


Tihan 175 OD is an insecticide for the control of Lepidoptera and sucking pests in Cotton. The product acts by contact and ingestion. It has two active ingredients namely: Spirotetramat 75 g/L

Benefits of Tihan 175 OD

  • Reduces crop damage, insect pests stop feeding immediately
  • Excellent safety profile to environment and user
  • Targets specific pests, does not kill most beneficial pests
  • Effective foliar spray insecticide
  • Systemic and flexible in the application; controls key adult and immature sucking pests
  • Lasting residual effect enables protection of new shoots
  • Reduces insect female viability and subsequent survival of offspring
  • Kills insect larvae effectively
  • Effectively rainfast and economical, not easily washed away by rain
  • Lower spray volume results in spraying efficiency and labour savings

Application Rates
Crop: Cotton
Target: Cotton, Bollworms
Dosage: 200 ml/ha, Spray volume depends on plant height.
Period of Application: Scout for bollworms once every week.
Apply at first sign of infestation. The spray application should only be done a maximum of 3 times at 7 day intervals depending on re-infestation in a season.
PHI: 21 days

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