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Sweed (Biological and Organic Plant Growth Promoter | 100ml | 250ml | 500ml | 1000ml)


Benefits and Features

It’s a unique biostimulant based on bioactive seaweed extract derived from fermentation process. SWEED GA contains growth promoting bio stimulants such as alginic acid, auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, betaines, biologically activated nutrients and, hydrolyzed protein complexes which aid in cell division of the plant and promote plant growth and tillering

Mode of Action

  • SWEED GA TM helps in optimizing vegetative growth in the initial phases of crop growth. It promotes better tillering, root growth and nutrient uptake. It also provides resistance to plants against draught and frost conditions.
  • Alginic acid derived from fermentation of Sargassum seaweed by deploying a cold process in which the cell wall rupture and release the biostimulant substances into the plant system, Unique downstream process enables retention of all bio stimulant substances naturally present in saragassum seaweed.
  • SWEED GA TM is surmised that presence of unique biostimulants such as auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, betaines, and many more help seaweeds withstand biotic and abiotic hostilities and still grow and complete their life cycle.

Composition of Active Ingredient
Alginic Acid (seaweed extract)- 5 %, Stabilizers- 5 %, Fillers-90 %. Total100%.

Target Crops

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