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Super Gro (Liquid Organic Fertilizer) 5L

Super Gro is a natural organic fertilizer that increases your agricultural yields by 167%! That is more than three times what you can get from synthetic or chemical fertilizer!


  • This Farm Care brand, Super Gro is excellent for Growers and Gardeners.
  • Safe, easy to use and handle: Non-caustic, non-inflammable, non-toxic.
  • Multi-purpose: For both indoor plants and agricultural surfactant.
  • Versatile, Economical: Concentrated formula – dilution 1000:1
  • Proven Performance Booster: Improves performance of agricultural aids such as pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.

Mode of Action

Super Gro lowers the surface tension of spray droplets thus increasing droplet spread, adhesion and distribution over the leaf surface.

Super Gro enhances the spread of the spray solution on the surface of the plant to the target site.

Super Gro alters solubility relationships to greatly increase and accelerate foliar absorption of pesticides through the leaf cuticle.

Super Gro enhances rain fastness thus decreasing the rain-free period required after spray application.

Recommended Rates:

  • Super Gro performs well in a pH range of 5 and 8. Below 5 and above 8, the performance is greatly compromised.
  • Fungicide Mixtures: Add 8ml/20Ltr of spray water (400ml in 1000 litres of spray mixture).
  • Insecticides: Add 8ml/20Ltr of spray water (400ml in 1000 Litres of spray mixture).
  • Herbicides: Add 20ml/20Ltr of spray water (1Ltr in 1000 Litres of spray mixture).

Compatibility: Super Gro is compatible with most agricultural sprays unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer on the product label.

NB: Since Super Gro greatly improves the performance of applied chemicals, it is important to take maximum care not to exceed the dose of the other chemicals otherwise would result in scorching.

Composition: Ethoxylated Alkylphenol, Polysiloxane

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