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Sugar King F1 Sweet Corn Seeds (50g| 250g | 1000g)


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If sweetness is your choice, germinating and harvesting F1 King corn seeds is an excellent option. This type of variety produces ears with a combination of sugary-enhanced kernels and supersweet kernels.


Germinate and Transplant

Step 1 Germinate

  • Early sowings can be made into pots at 21° Celsius
  • Sow 2 seeds per hole, 2 centimeters deep
  • Seven days after sowing, thin to 1 plant at 10 centimeters tall

Step 2 Transplant

Prepare a soil bed of approximately 40 centimeters in your vegetable garden. After 10 days, the seedlings are ready to transplant. Leave 30 centimeters between each plant. It’s an excellent idea to plant at least 4 rows.

Don’t forget to be very careful not to disturb the roots.

Seedling Care

During the first 7 days, reduce water and expose the plants to more sun 2 – 3 days before transplanting.

As mentioned, as soon as the plants are approximately 10 -15 centimeters tall, you need to transplant them. Once they’re in the soil bed, you need to water them early morning and late evening.

Land Preparation Tips

  • Keep soil moist and well-fertilized and make sure to weed early for better plant nutrients
  • For better pollination, avoid overhead watering when tassels appear
  • Harvest corn in the morning when ears turn dark green and silk turns brown

Harvest King Corn

King corn is ready to harvest 65-70 days after sowing, and it is recommended to practice crop rotation to restore soil fertility and prevent pests and diseases.

Please note that ears are ready to pick when the uncovered ear has tightly folded, green leaves, and dried, dark brown silk. It’s essential to know that corn is best when the kernels are fully formed but not fully matured.

Make sure to snap the ears by hand with a quick, firm, downward push, then twist and pull. Hold the cornstalk with your free hand.

It’s an excellent idea to refrigerate the ears to slow the sugar-to-starch process. Make sure to use the corn within a day or two.

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