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Release Ga (Biological and Organic Fertilizers | 250g)


Benefits and Features

Bacteria produce growth promoting substances, thereby increasing sprouting rate of seed and growth of seedlings and plants.

Mode of Action

  •  The Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) colonizing the root surface and closely adhering soil interface, the rhizosphere.
  • Some of the PGPR can also enter root interior and establish endophytic population. Many of them are able to transfer the endodermis barrier, crossing from the root cortex to vascular system, and subsequently thrive in stem, leaves and tuber and other parts. Consequently, intimate association between bacteria and host plant can be formed.
  • Offensive PGPR colonization and defensive retention rhizosphere niche are enabled by production of bacterial allelochemicals, including iron–chelating siderophores, antibiotics, biocidal volatize, lytic enzymes, detoxification enzymes

Composition of Active Ingredient
Microbial adjuvant of Bacillus subtilis CGAPGPBS-076B.,2x 108 CFU/gm or ml – 2.00 %, media residue / carrier material – 97.00 %, Stabilizers and preservatives – 1.00%. Total- 100%.

Target Crops

All Crops

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