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Pickup Ga (Biological and Organic Fertilizers | 250g)


Benefits and Features

Product develops with PGPR – Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria. It suppresses the growth of various phytopathogen in variety of crops, competing for nutrients and space, limiting available iron supply through producing siderophores, producing lytic enzymes and antibiosis

Mode of Action

  • · The microbial inoculant when used as composite inoculums exhibited maximum efficiency in the suppression of diseases with the characteristics increase in chlorophyll contents, total number of leaves, shoot height, and facilitating crop yield.
  • An additional mechanism by which PGPR can reduced plant diseases is bio control agent parasitism on pathogens, mostly fungi. Digestion of the parasite cell wall is accomplished by several excreted enzymes including proteases, chitinases, and glucanases. Individually, all these enzymes display antifungal activity, but they often act synergistically with antibiotics.

Composition of Active Ingredient
Microbial adjuvant of Bacillus cereus CGAPGPBBS-048.,2x 108 CFU/gm or ml – 2.00 %, media residue / carrier material – 97.00 %, Stabilizers and preservatives – 1.00%. Total- 100%.

Target Crops

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