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Nitrofix R Ga (Biological and Organic Seed Coating for Legumes | 100g)


Benefits and Features

Biological fertilizer contains a selected strain of natively and naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. Actively fix atmospheric nitrogen through a symbiotic relationship with the leguminous plants. It is used as an effective seed treatment and soil application product.

Mode of Action

  • NITROFIX R GA TM is the eco-friendly nitrogen fixer. They form root nodules on the legume root system and fix the atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to the plants.
  • It improves soil fertility for the next crop. Liberatemicronutrientsfrom insoluble sources.  Overdependence and abuse of nitrogenous fertilizers based on fossil fuel / chemicals has resulted in depletion of beneficial soil microbial organisms.
  • Cost of chemical nitrogenous fertilizers is increasing progressively and making it unaffordable to farmers .Biological nitrogen fixation(BNF)is concept for over

Composition of Active Ingredient
microbial adjuvant of Rhizobium leguminosarumCGAPGPBRS-025 – 2 x 10^8 CFU/gm – 2.00 %, Media residue / carrier material – 97.00 %, Stabilizers and preservatives – 1.00%. Total 100%.

Target Crops


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