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Greenland (Biological and Organic Insecticides | 100g | 250g)


Benefits and Features

Biological nematicide based on a selected strain of naturally occurring fungus.

Target pests: Root-knot nematode, Remiform nematode, Cyst nematode, Golden cyst nematode, Citrus nematode, and Lesion nematode

Mode of Action

  • Pacilomyces lilacinusCGAIPFPS-01 is effective in plant-parasitic nematodes. It is parasitic on nematodes infecting eggs, juveniles, and adult females
    of root-knot and cyst nematodes.
  • The species can grow at a wide range of temperatures – from 8°C to 38°C for a few isolates, with optimal growth in the range 26°C to 30°C. It also has a wide pH tolerance and can grow on a variety of substrates.
  • The spore of this fungus acts by infecting, parasitizing and killing eggs, juveniles and young adults of most phytophagous nematode species. Paecilomyces lilacinus CGAIPFPS-01 on getting attached to the host forms a dense mycelium that gives rise to conidiophores.
  • These bear phialides at the ends of which spores are formed in long chains. The fungus produces an appressorium (a swelling on the end of the germ tube) which marks the start of invasion of insect.
  • The appressorium produces a penetration peg that enters the external skein (cuticle) of the host. The fungus produces hyphae inside insect body which proliferate and start feeding on insect’s internal contents.
  • A novel nematicidal compound is present in GREEN LAND GA TM GAthat weaken the nematodes and then gets inside the insect and kills the infected
  • The rate at which GREEN LAND GA TM kills the nematode is dependent on temperature and humidity. High humidity is essential for conidial germination and infection establishes between 24 to 48 hours.
  • The infected nematodes may live for three to five days after hyphal penetration and, after the death of nematodes, the conidiophores bearing conidia are produced on cadavers.

Composition of Active Ingredient
Paeceilomyces lilacinum strain CGAIPFPS-01 (2×10^8 CFU/gm or ml .min- 1.15%., Talc powder 98.35%, carboxy methyl cellulose-0.50%. Total-100%.

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