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Fullgrow (Biological and Organic Plant Growth Promoter | 100g)


Benefits and Features

FULLGROW GA is an exclusive combination of Humate, Seaweed extract, Ascorbic acid, Amino acids and essential derivatives. It stimulates flowering and fruit development

Mode of Action

  • FULLGROW GA stimulates flowering and fruit development.
  • Helpful in leaf growth and increases the number of chlorophyll.
  • It is helpful in bud development and stem elongation.
  • It multiplies and differentiates cells of the root. Promote faster growth of plants, increase crop yield. (20% to 25% For all crops) Produce crops with better taste and lasting quality.
  • Reduce soil sanitization and soil erosion.
  • Long-term improvement of the land.
  • Betterrootsystem by promoting the development of roots.
  • Potassium Humate enhances stress tolerance in their plant hosts by inducing the expression of stress-response genes, phytohormones, and stress-related metabolites. Some substances can be beneficial to plants and perform the same role as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, acting as a biofertilizer and/or biopesticide, spores that can survive in the soil for a long period of time under harsh environmental conditions

Composition of Active Ingredient
Humate (potassium)-35%, Sea weed extract-35%, Ascorbic acid-10%, Amino acids- 10%, Myo- Inositol-4%, Vitamin B1-2%, Vitamin E-1%, Surfactants -3%. Total-100%.

Target Crops

All Crops

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