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Freeze (Biological and Organic Insecticides | 100g | 250g)


Benefits and Features

Broad spectrum Biological Control, For control of root grubs, termites, ants, locusts and many soil insects.

Mode of Action

  • Hirsutella sp., a Deuteromycete long known for its entomopathogenic properties, causes an insect disease known as whitemuscardine.
  • Being increasingly exploited worldwide for insect pest management because of the ease with which they can be produced, in contrast to other fungi, such as the Entomophthorales.
  • It is used to control all soft bodied sucking pests like Red spider mites, Ping mites, Purple mites, Scarlet mites and other sucking pests.
  • The spores of Hirsutella sp. CGAIPFHS-05, when applied, adheres to the bodies of insects, and special hyphae from the spores use enzymes and mechanical pressure to penetrate through the insect’s cuticle to cause infection.
  • Infection requires spore germination, a process that is sensitive to environmental conditions.
  • A complex group of factors interacts to stimulate the spores to germinate, including ambient humidity and temperature, nutritional and chemical cues and cuticular extracts from the host

Composition of Active Ingredient
Hirsutella sp. CGAIPFHS-05(2×108 CFU/gm min- 1.15%., Talc powder 98.35%, carboxy methyl cellulose-0.50%. Total-100%.

Target Crops

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