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Fixit (Biological and Organic Insecticides | 100g | 250g)


Benefits and Features

Broadspectrum Biological Control, For control of insect damage. Entomopathogenic fungi for control of Lepidopterous caterpillars including Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, Borers and hairy caterpillars.

Mode of Action

  • FIXIT GA TM is a unique Nigerian isolate act as a bio-insecticide containing naturally occurring molecules within it and selected strains of entomopathogenic fungi, Beauvaria bassiana CGA IPFBS-012 by biotechnological research.
  • It is highly effective natural occurring entomopathogenic fungi that parasite several insects of crops, Beauvaria bassiana infects all stages of insect, including eggs, larvae, pupae, grubs, nymphs, hoppers and adults.
  • The spores attached to insect cuticle., germinate and penetrate into the insect body.
  • Highly active on Lepidopterous caterpillars including Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, Borers, and Hairy caterpillars. Beauveria bassiana, a Deuteromycete long known for its entomopathogenic properties, causes an insect disease known as white muscardine.
  • The organism produces a number of cyclodepsipeptides such as beauvericin which may account for at least part of its insect toxicity
  • The conidia or spores of these fungi germinate on the surface of their insect host, penetrate through the cuticle, spread systemically in the hemolymph, and then candidate resulting in the death of the host.
  • One of its major attributes is that it can be applied just like a synthetic pesticide.
  • Being increasingly exploited worldwide for insect pest management because of the ease with which they can be produced, in contrast to other fungi, such as the Entomophthorales.

Composition of Active Ingredient
Beauvaria bassiana CGAIPFBS-012 (2×10^8 CFU/gm or ml min- 1.15%., Talc powder 98.35%, carboxy methyl cellulose-0.50%. Total-100%.

Target Crops

All Crops

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