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Prema Onion Seed (50g)

Onion for short days.

You will need about 3kg of this improved onion seed to plant on a hectare.

Excellent development of the stem with an average of 12-14 leaves, especially recommended for growing in rainy season in tropical areas.


Prema is a vigorous selection with strong, erect foliage development. Bulbs are highly “single” centre and show a very good uniformity in
shape and size. Color is attractive bright red. Prema is especially recommended for rainy season cultivation in the tropics. Properly cured bulbs can be stored for 2-3 months.

Sowing dates are recommended during the beginning of the rainy season or in the month of May. Plants have an excellent development of the stem with an average of 12-14 leaves. Medium bulbs weighing 170-220g.

Product Features

Variety: Prema

Maturity: 110 Days

Plant Vigor: Strong

Colour: Red

Shape: Flat globe

Firmness: Firm

Bolting: Highly tolerant

Storage: Good

Flowering Habit: Determinate

Diameter (cm): 7 x 8

Weight(gr): 70 – 85



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