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Best Cypermethrin Insecticide (1L)

Best Cypermethrin 10 CE Insecticides-Total Extermination Of All Forms Of Agro And Horticultural Insects, Pests And Creepy-Crawlies.



  1. Use: a non-systemic insecticide with contact stomach and respiratory action
  2. Control of Coleoptera Diptera Homoptera and Lepidoptera in soil or on foliage in over 100 crops including pome fruit stone fruit citrus fruit nut crops strawberries figs bananas vines vegetables potatoes beet tobacco soya beans sunflowers sweet potatoes peanuts cotton alfalfa cereals rice maize sorghum asparagus glasshouse and outdoor ornamentals turf and in forestry
  3. Also used for control of household pests (Blattellidae Muscidae Isoptera) mosquitoes (larvae and adults) and in animal houses

Importance of insecticides in crop production

Insecticides are pesticides that kill or prevent insects from developing. They are essential components of an Integrated Pest Management strategy.

  • By protecting crops from insects and their developmental stages, insecticides allow farmers to grow more food on less soil.
  • The use of insecticides would increase production per hectare.
  • They allow farmers to grow nutritious, high-quality foods at reasonable prices.
  • They also assist farmers in producing an abundance of healthy, all-year-round food that is needed for human health.
  • Insecticides reduce exposure to food polluted by toxic microorganisms and naturally occurring pollutants, thus avoiding food-related diseases.

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