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Agriguard (Biological and Organic Fungicides | 100g | 250g)


Benefits and Features

Antagonistic fungi for control of Blight, Root rot, smut, and Neck Blast

Mode of Action

  • AGRIGUARD GA TM is a unique Nigerian Isolate that act as a bio fungicide containing naturally occurring molecules within it and selected strain of antagonistic fungi, Trichoderma harzianumCGAJ2T-3 by biotechnological research.
  • Colonizes maximum space and absorbs maximum nutrients available at the target site and thereby controls the pathogens by starving them for food and competing for space. Act like a prophylactic biological fungicide that attacks disease causing pathogens before they reach the plant system.
  • Secrete antifungal metabolites which are antagonistic to the pathogenic fungi to suppress its growth.

Composition of Active Ingredient
microbial adjuvant of Trichoderma harzianum CGAJ2T-3 – 2 x 10^6 CFU/gm or ml – 1.00%, Media residue / carrier material – 98.00 %, Stabilizers and preservatives – 1.00%. Total-100%.

Target Crops

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