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Aflasafe – 1kg


Aflasafe is a 100% natural product that fights aflatoxin. The green colour band along the bottom certifies that non-hazardous Aflasafe has the highest World Health Organization standard for safety. When applied properly and combined with good agricultural practices, Aflasafe effectively controls aflatoxin during crop development, harvesting, and storage.


  • Aflasafe is a safe natural solution to the problem of aflatoxin
  • Aflasafe cuts aflatoxin levels in maize and groundnuts by 80% to 100% – down to safe levels
  • single application of Aflasafe by farmers protects food all the way to your plate 
  • Reducing aflatoxin contamination would add USD 281 million to annual groundnut exports
  • Aflasafe-treated maize cuts chicken mortality by 40%
  • Aflasafe uses friendly microorganisms found naturally in the local environment 
  • Aflasafe is made in Africa using local materials and state-of-the-art technology

Dos and don’ts before, during and after using Aflasafe

1 Plant seed of improved varieties recommended for your area. If in doubt, contact extension agents for advice.

2 Follow good agronomic practices (eg, proper land preparation, correct spacing) and observe recommended planting times for your area. IITA/J Ahtenkeng IITA/O Adebayo

3 Before applying Aflasafe, ensure that all agronomic practices (weeding, applying of top-dressing fertiliser, etc) have been done. This is in order to avoid burying Aflasafe in the soil. Aflasafe MUST stay above ground.

4 Ensure that the crop is at the right stage for applying Aflasafe. For maize, this is 2–3 weeks before tassels appear, also known as ‘flowering’.
Flowering stage is indicated on the packs of certified seed.

5 Broadcast Aflasafe evenly at a rate of 4 kilos per acre or 10 kilos per hectare Toss the product as uniformly as possible; once spores grow on Aflasafe, they will be carried to the crop by wind or insects even if certain areas receive more Aflasafe than others. For application using a tractor, calibrate the equipment to disperse at a dose of 10 kilos per hectare or 4 kilos per acre. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after applying Aflasafe

6 The spores in the Aflasafe require moisture to grow. Therefore, apply Aflasafe immediately after rains or when rains are expected or when the soil is wet, or if possible irrigate field after application. Ensure that Aflasafe stays on the soil surface. For Aflasafe to work, it MUST be above ground. Therefore, DO NOT CARRY OUT ANY OPERATION THAT WILL BURY AFLASAFE IN THE SOIL after application. Such operations should all be done in Step 3.


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