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Dried Mushroom (1kg)

Mushrooms can be used as food, tonics, medicines, cosmeceuticals, and as natural biocontrol agents in plant protection with insecticidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, and herbicidal activities. Aside from the delicious taste of edible mushrooms, it also has numerous health benefits. Their use, function, and effect cannot be overemphasized.

Package sizes: 200g, 1kg



Mushroom is the fleshy part of the fruiting body of a fungus that grows on the soil or the body of its food, usually decaying tree trunks.

In nature, this phenomenon is produced through the accumulation of the seed of mushroom dispersed by the numerous agents or forces of nature e.g. flood, wind, erosion, etc in the areas where mushrooms occur. A single seed or spore of mushroom is hardly visible to the naked eye but accumulated, they appear as white patches over fields or areas of land or forest, in many cases identifiable through aerial surveys. They can be cultivated using spawn bags and sawdust fruiting blocks. Aside from the delicious taste of edible mushrooms, it also has numerous health benefits

Health benefits of Mushroom


High in protein, vitamins, and minerals

Low in calories

Prevents cancer

Low cholesterol

Prevents diabetes as they contain little carbohydrates

Improves bone health

Helps in nutrient absorption

Boost immune system

Lowers blood pressure

The high fiber content of mushrooms is an invaluable advantage over other food items for easier and better digestion and assimilation in the alimentary canal.

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