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Hand-Peeled Egusi (1 Custard Rubber)

Full custard rubber of fresh hand peeled egusi seeds, free from stones and specks of dirt. Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and C, egusi seeds are also a great meat substitute because of their high protein


Egusi belongs to the family of watermelons. They grow in gourds which are mainly cultivated for their seeds as the flesh is neither sweet nor edible. Egusi seeds are small and flat. One end of the seed is rounded while the other is tapered.
After harvest, the gourds are left to ferment; the fermented flesh is then washed off the seeds. The seeds are then dried and the light brown husks removed by hand or mechanically. When ready to be used in food recipes, the white/cream seeds are ground into a powder and used as soup thickener.
Egusi seeds are in a class of their own and should never be mistaken for pumpkin seeds.

The offered range of Melon (egusi) is a component of vitamin E that helps in maintaining smooth young skin and good fertility. It also contains palmitic, stearic, linoleic and oleic acids important in protecting the heart.

Egusi Recipes

Egusi, when ground into powder, is the main ingredient in making egusi soups used in eating fufu meals

What’s the difference between hand peel and engine peel Egusi?

Hand peel egusi is usually peeled by hand, it usually comes out whiter and neater than the engine peeled one which makes it costlier than engine peel egusi, the engine peel egusi is peeled using an engine. Some believe hand-peeled egusi is sweeter when cooked than the engine peel. However, both hand peel and engine peel egusi can be used to cook a delicious pot of egusi soup.

What is the best way to store Egusi?

If you intend to store your egusi for a long period of time ( say above 6 weeks), it is best to leave it whole (unblended). When egusi is blended, it is best stored in the Ziploc bags in the fridge.

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