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Frozen Croaker Fish (1 Carton)

Grade A+ quality, frozen company processed product. We supply frozen fish that are well cleaned and fresh, no bruises, no bad smells, and no excessive blood or bloodstains.

It has a unique taste with a blend of rich flavor particularly when it is fried or grilled. Throw Croaker Fish on any meal and you can be sure you would have a delightful meal. What are you waiting for? Put some in your cart.



Croaker Fish is globally used for making cuisines that are ideal for enhancing immunity and strength of the body. We source our Fish from the best and our Frozen Croaker Fish are preserved under the highest hygienic conditions. We guarantee Fish that maintains that freshness and texture you require to spice up your cooking. Frozen Croaker Fish can be boiled, fried, or grilled making it a great option to be paired with any meal or enjoyed alone.

Croaker Fish is a good source of protein, it is extremely rich in nutrients, omega-3 (good fatty fish oil), calcium, and potassium. If you like eating Red Snapper, Salmon, Barracuda, or Tilapia, Croaker Fish is definitely the one you would want to add to your seafood menu.   


Utmost freshness and lip-smacking taste

Longer shelf life and free from preservatives

Enriched with omega-3 fatty acid, minerals, and vitamins

Free from cuts and diseases

Preserved at a suitable temperature for retaining freshness

Superior taste, flavour, and aroma

Enhanced preservative life

How many Fishes in one Carton?

A carton of Croaker Fish weighs 20kg but the number of pieces you will find in each carton is dependent on the size of Fishes in each carton. Some cartons come with just small sizes, others come as a mix of medium and big sizes while so have just medium sizes or big sizes.

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