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Local Duck (1 Carton)

Ducklings’ first few weeks of life are one of the most crucial in their development. When you place your order, make sure you have the ducklings’ house (complete with brooder) ready. Our offered ducklings are renowned for their proven survivability and disease resistance; they require proper heat, food, water, and bedding.


Duck farming in Nigeria is one of the lucrative poultry farming ventures practiced and in several parts of the world. Ducks have a higher level and chances of productivity, which often requires low investment capital compared to most poultry farming, they can be raised commercially or by small-scale meat and egg production. The domestic ducks (waterfowls) are mainly reared to produce meat and egg.

Ducks are definitely water birds but they can also survive without water when kept in a house or on a free-range system, the same way any type of poultry bird is raised. Nevertheless, water is required for reproduction and mating purposes. Duck farming in Nigeria is practicable when necessary techniques and methods are observed.


One of the most critical periods in the life of ducklings is their first few weeks in life. So, ensure you have the ducklings house (equipped with brooder) ready as you make your order. Baby ducks need proper heat, food, water, and bedding.

The Most Important Aspects of Duck Rearing

Obtain an Appropriate Location:

To provide comfort and ease to the Ducks, a suitable area for Duck farming is needed. One of the advantages of raising ducks is that they don’t need much care, only that certain items be put in place.

There should be a well-ventilated housing facility for the ducks, as well as a stream or artificial pond nearby, to provide shelter and security.

Ducks are partially aquatic animals that enjoy swimming and diving, so having a water supply nearby is important when rearing them.

Feeding Instructions:

Ducks are omnivorous birds that consume a wide variety of foods. Cracked corn, wheat, barley, or related grains, oats, rice, birdseed, and other foods are ideal for ducks.


The mating season is critical because it allows for an increase in egg production. The climate must be suitable, as this can help or hinder the female Duck’s ability to lay or fertilize eggs.

Benefits of Duck Farming

To a large percentage, countries where both chickens and ducks are raised, duck seems to rank next to chicken for the production of meat and egg. There are many benefits and advantages to starting a Duck farm in Nigeria which are as follows:

  • Duck farming is less expensive, simple, and less intricate housing facilities. In such that, housing costs and expenditures can be gotten on a minimal amount as well as setting up a commercial duck farming business.
  • Ducks are highly resistant to most avian diseases; they are very healthy birds and need less management and care. They can adapt to all types of environmental conditions.
  • They can be raised in a less spaced environment since they have relatively shorter brooding periods and Ducklings grow fast (you can use artificial heat for the Ducklings for the first 5-7 days, but during cold seasons, longer heat periods is necessary)
  • Ducks usually live more than most consumable poultry birds and can sustain egg production for longer periods. Their eggs and meat have a huge demand in the local and international markets.
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