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The available parent stock calf are Fulani white and Sokoto and have been raised in a healthy environment.

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Both breeds (Sokoto Gudali and Bunaji) are bred mainly for meat production. They are poor milk producers when compared to breeds like Holstein Friesian, Brown Swiss, Jersey, and Ayrshire. Hence, they are not recommended for medium or large-scale dairy production, but for only smallholder dairy production.

Physical Characteristics of Sokoto Gudali

 The Sokoto Gudali has multiple coat colours although the most common one is black and white coating with a light underside. They have a deeper body than the White Fulani breed

About 90% of the Sokoto Gudali are owned and managed by Fulani and Hausa pastoralists and transhumant herders, who feed their cattle on communally owned grazing lands and browse especially in the dry season. They are known for their hardiness to the arid northerly environments.

Other productive performances of Sokoto Gudali are as follows:

Age at first calving: 38½ – 49½ months

Calving interval: 378 – 537 days

Milk yield: 4 – 5kg per day

Fulani white

Physical Characteristics of Bunaji (White Fulani)

The White Fulani cattle are dual-purpose animals. They are excellent for meat production and pretty good for milk production. But they are mainly kept for meat production.

White Fulani cattle are very hardy and strong animals. They are well adapted to long-distance trekking in pastoral management. They can survive and perform well in hot weather and are more tolerant to heat as compared to some other breeds.

And average butterfat content percentages vary from 4.1 to 7.5 percent. The breed is  very good for meat production, and fatten quite well in feedlots and on natural pastures

Other productive performances of Sokoto Gudali are as follows:

Age at first calving: 40 – 49 months

Average calving interval: 403 days

Milk yield: 2.5 – 3kg per day

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