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Vital Feed Layer – Pelletized (25kg)

Pelletized Layers

  • Pelletized Layers Feed is used when initial laying gets to 5-10%, till the bird’s end of life
  • It has gone through heat processing thus reducing microbial load, increase palatability and optimum growth


Layer Chicken Feed

The most common cause of problems in poultry production is a failure to provide commercially prepared feed. The second most common problem is the failure to use a fortified supplement in the correct proportions. Without a nutritionally balanced ratio, birds will suffer from poor feathering, slow growth, and leg problems. If you keep birds for egg production, a source of calcium such as limestone or oyster shell must be included in the diet. Feed for layers includes an ingenious balance of protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals that encourages top tier egg-laying abilities in your flock. Protein wise layer feed contains similar levels of protein to grower feed, around 16-18%, however, has extra calcium to ensure that their eggshells are crisp and clean. Layer feed should only be fed to birds from 18-20 weeks of age or once they have started to lay eggs.


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