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Vital Feed Growermaxx (25kg)

Balanced Feed for growers and is well suited for different climatic or weather conditions


Vital Feed

The Vital Feed brand and is essential to all farmers who wish to increase their yield and productivity. Our GCL Vital Feed range is the leading choice among farmers due to its manifest results over the years and positive outcomes to Farmers in terms of profit.

Vital Poultry Feed Range:

We deliver a range of balanced poultry diet that comes in pelletized and mash forms/concentrates for Poultry Farmers & Self Millers. Our poultry feed range contains all the essential nutrients required to support optimum growth, eggs and broiler production and efficiency of feed utilization.

The range, packed in 25kg branded and 50kg plain polypropylene bags includes: Layers, Eggmaxx, Growers, Growmaxx Chicks Mash, Broiler Super Starter, Broiler Starter, Broiler Finisher, Crumbled Broiler finisher, Quail Starter and Quail Layer.


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