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Ecofloat Extruded Catfish Feed (2mm – 9mm|15kg)

For fish farmers searching for low-cost feeds, this is an economical fish feed. For healthy development, it’s high in animal and plant protein. CP (Common Procedure) (38 percent -34 percent ).


These are produced in the most advanced fish feed manufacturing plant in Sub-Saharan Africa, which produces a low-cost, specially formulated feed that meets international quality and safety requirements.

  • Temperatures of up to 150 degrees can be reached during extrusion and expansion. A variety of microorganisms can help improve feed quality and reduce fish digestive tract disease.
  • After extrusion, the feed pellet has a loose, brittle, crispy structure with a good taste and flavor.
  • Extrusion allows the starch paste and protein to be arranged in a way that is conducive to the digestion of the catfish. This improves the digestibility and intake of the feed.
  • Better feeding, waste reduction, and feed conversion ratio improvement are all supported by floating feeds on water.
  • Floating feed aids in assessing the amount of feed fed to the fish on a regular basis, as well as avoiding water contamination, the growth of harmful bacteria, and reducing the risk of mortality.

Sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 9mm

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