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Chikun Grower Pellet (25kg)

Chikun Feed is a high-quality grower food formulated to be fed to developing layer pullets from 6 weeks of age until the point of lay.


It is nutritionally balanced for essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to ensure strong and healthy development.

Chikun Feed contains a high linoleic acid level of 1.3% to ensure the bird’s body reserves are high going into lay (linoleic acid is an important nutrient for the enhancement of egg size).

Chikun Feed is manufactured in micro pellet form to ensure that they are easily consumed by young birds.

Lasalocid sodium is included in the diet for the treatment of intestinal disease coccidiosis.

Feeding Recommendations

Feed “Chick Starter” crumbles from day old to 6 weeks of age.

From 6 weeks of age until the point of lay feed Chikun Feed Grower. (or restrict feed if bodyweight control is necessary).

Ensure clean, freshwater is available at all times.

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