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Amo Pre Layer Mash (25kg)

The Amo Pre Layer Mash is aimed at achieving an optimum flock uniformity in preparation for the onset of laying.

  • It is highly balanced in nutrition and normally given to birds from week 19 till 45 before transitioning to layer-2 feed.
  • It comes in mash form, making it more easily consumable for the birds.
  • They are packaged in 25kg bags


Amo Pre Layer Mash

Amo Pre Layer mash is aimed at achieving improved laying production in newly laying flock and boosted immunity.

  • It is highly balanced in nutrition and normally given to layers before they start laying.
  • They are packaged in 25kg bags.



  • It contains sufficient quantities of nutrients to meet maintenance, growth, and peak egg production requirements
  • When compared with layer-2 mash, it contains more protein (16.5%:15%) | Less calcium (3.75%:4%) | More metabolizable energy kcal (2650:2600)
  • It is supplemented with pigment premix for the production of golden coloured egg yolk
  • Made from highly digestible ingredients
  • Good uniformity of particle size is essential because birds prefer bigger particles. Thus, when mash feed is poorly produced, the dominant birds will quickly eat those bigger grain particles, while the rest of the birds will eat the finer particles. This situation can potentially create an imbalance in nutrition and consequently sub-optimal performance.
  • This feed comes in the fine mash which makes it easy for the layers to pick up the feed faster.
  • With Amo Pre Layer Mash, we have deployed cutting edge technologies into ensuring that there is uniformity in the particles, thereby tackling the imbalance in nutrition which is a common concern in the existing feed market.
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