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Amo Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellet ) – 25kg

Without compromising feed quality, we offer our industry-renowned Amo brand of broiler finisher feeds.

  • Produced in compliance with prevailing quality and industry standards and well recommended for growing birds to improve the nutritive balance.
  • They are well recommended for broiler finishers (from the fifth week of age until slaughter) to enhance their nutritive balance.
  • These feeds are widely appreciated for longer shelf life, high nutritional content, and excellent quality.


Amo Broiler Finisher Feed

Amo broiler finisher feed is recommended after the consumption of grower feeds till the point of disposal or slaughter of the birds. Finisher feeds are designed at a very high energy level with well-balanced protein, energy ratio (to grow faster), and maximum weight gain with the lowest feed conversion ratio (FCR).

  • Essentially, finisher feed contains a protein content that is between 16-18%, which is mainly a maintenance diet until the broiler is slaughtered. Thus, it supports growth and weight maintenance without bombarding them with unnecessary vitamins and minerals.
  • These feeds come in either mash or pellet forms and they are packaged in 25kg bags.



  • The broiler finisher feed is indicated for maximizing performance and weight gain at the lowest possible production cost.
  • Fed from the fifth week till slaughter.
  • This feed category accounts for the major cost of feeding and involves a change in feed density (increase in energy & decrease in other nutrients).
  • Made from highly digestible ingredients
  • Good uniformity of particle size is essential because birds at this stage prefer bigger particles.



In open-sided broiler houses, the commonly recommended lighting schedule is 24hours light during the brooding period, followed by 23hours light and one-hour darkness per day, until slaughter or marketing.  The one hour of darkness is to train the birds to acclimatize for darkness, in case of power failure, which may cause panic and trampling.

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