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Air Stones (Big, Small, Smallest)

Active Aqua air stones are an ideal way to add oxygen to your aquaponic growing system.  Increasing dissolved oxygen in your system is essential for healthy fish respiration, as well as healthy plant root growth.


An airstone, whose purpose is to gradually diffuse air into the tank and provide oxygen for fish to breathe, is a necessity to have around your house if you are a lover of aquatic animals. Our Air Stones are made of high quality non-toxic mineral material. With high temperature sintering, the stones are sturdy and durable, have high dissolved oxygen rates, and create even and tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of large ones.

What Kind of Airstone Should I Use?

  • A bigger air stone needs a more powerful pump to produce more bubbles. Basically bigger air stones can produce more nice bubbles and they’re used for powerful air pumps. If you connect a bigger air stone to a small pump, the bubbles will be produced only at the front of the stone.
  • Small pumps go well with small air stones while powerful pumps and small stones don’t get along well.

How The Cylinder Air Stone Works:

Using the cylinder air stone will help improve your dissolved oxygen levels, which aids in healthy fish respiration as well as the overall health of plant roots in your aquaponics system.  Air stones are a quick and easy way to dissolve more oxygen into your aquaponics system, which will create a healthier aquatic environment for both plants and fish. Simply attach the stones barbed end to one end of silicon tubing and attach to an air pump to begin moving air through the stone.  Once connected to your air pump, thousands of bubbles diffuse through the air stone to aerate the water.

Product Details:

Soak air stones overnight to ensure even distribution of bubbles.  After long-term use, clean air stones regularly to keep stone pores from clogging.

Product Features:

  • The micropore design aerates and circulates your fish tank water
  • Sinks to the bottom of the tank for optimal bubble distribution.
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