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Wheat Bran (Crown Flour Mill | 50kg)

Wheat bran is a very palatable, high-fiber feed supplement that can be fed to adult pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and horses


Wheat bran is a by-product generated while extracting flour from the wheat grain, is one of the major agro-industrial by-products used in animal feeding. It consists of the outer layers (cuticle, pericarp and seedcoat) combined with small amounts of starchy endosperm of the wheat kernel.

Wheat bran is suitable for livestock feeding and very palatable to most classes of animals. Wheat bran is a bulky feed that can be used to lighten dense, heavy feed mixtures. It can be readily incorporated into mashes. Good bran should have a fair coating of flour and be in the form of large, dry and non-adherent flakes.

Our Wheat Bran is free of impurities and 100% safe to consume. Processed as per the food industry standards, this is extremely acknowledged for its high nutritional value, purity and long shelf life. Our Wheat Bran is rich in starch, protein, vitamins, and dietary fiber.

Benefits of Wheat Bran for Animal Feed

  • Protein, minerals, oil and fibre are mainly found in the outer layers of the grain, and wheat bran is richer in these nutrients than the
    whole grain.
  • Wheat bran is relatively rich in protein and minerals, notably calcium and phosphorus. Its oil content is higher than that of
    the whole grain.
  • Some people may consider it nothing more than a byproduct. Yet, it’s rich
    in many plant compounds and minerals and an excellent source of fiber.
  • Wheat bran is suitable for livestock feeding and very palatable to most classes of animals.
  • Wheat Bran is a high energy feed, high fibre formulation for the animal feed industry, particularly for the good growth rate for growing animals.
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