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Sesame Meal (50kg)


Sesame meal is the protein rich by-product obtained after oil extraction. Sesame meal has a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid content that ranks just below soybean and maize. It is known for its superior protein content necessary for growth and development, health maintenance as well as overall productivity.  Various health benefits of sesame meal in poultry feed have been recorded.

Sesame meal in poultry feed is highly recommended as it does not contain any proteolytic enzyme inhibitors nor substances that can hinder growth. Due to these benefits among numerous others, sesame meal proves to be an effective alternative or supplement to expensive grain feeds. However, a range of agricultural research have reported that sesame meal contains high levels of phytic and oxalic acids in the hull, making some minerals unavailable and giving a bitter taste. This can be managed through the provision of feed additives or supplementary feed rich in lacking nutrients.

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