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L-Lysine Monohydrochloride – Feed Grade (25kg)


It is important that nutritional regimes meet the birds’ needs for maintenance and growth so that breast meat accretion is optimized. Lysine is one of the most limiting amino acids in practical corn-soybean meal and sorghum-soybean meal diets for broilers. Lysine hydrochloride is an essential amino acid used in poultry diets to help ensure balanced nutrition and flock performance

Lysine Added to Animal Feed
Used with L-lysine, L-threonine usage enables diets to be formulated closer to animals’ amino acid requirements which helps reduce dietary crude protein, decrease nitrogen excretion into the environment and improve nitrogen efficiency.


1). Increase content of protein;
2). Improve milk yield of dairy;
3). Improve dry matter intake;
4). Improve conversion ratio of feed nitrogen;
5). Decreased the concentration of urea nitrogen in serum, milk, and urine;
6). Improve daily gain and carcass quality of beef;
7). Improve milk quality by increasing protein and fat content;
8). Increase fertility rate and improve reproductive performance.

Reducing feed costs by balancing the amino acid composition in your livestock diet is a sound method to boost efficiency, but it requires precision. Lysine is an essential and limiting amino acid in feed for poultry, swine, fish, crustaceans and dairy cows.

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