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Imiforce (Insecticide | 200ml)

This professional product includes Imidacloprid as an active ingredient which is present in various formulations, a substance that mimics nicotine which is toxic to insects. Once ingested the nervous system is permanently damaged, this conducting in colony elimination.



Active Ingredient
Imidacloprid 200 G / L SL


Mode of action
Systemic insecticide used to control whiteflies, aphids, mites.

Rate of use
200 ml

Dosage / 15 ml sprayer
10 ml

This product can be used:
– Barrier treatments for existing buildings including domestic, industrial, government, and commercial premises;
– External barriers (only) around new buildings;
– Service poles and fence posts;
– Nests in wall cavities, poles, and trees;
– Reticulation systems:
– Perimeter and/or service penetration treatment;
– Complete under-slab installations.

How to use:
– Consider Imiforce as part of a program where you should follow more steps;
– Inspect and locate nest where possible;
– Repair leaks and drainage to keep the warranty;
– Keep subfloor areas free from waste timber;
– Apply solid barrier treatment;
– Do not disturb the treated soil barrier in any way;
– Before applying the soil barrier, locate and treat the colony in the nest if existent;
– Inspect after applying treatment to confirm success;
– Annual inspections recommended.

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