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Haifa Bonus Foliar Fertilizer 1kg (NPK 15:8:33)


Foliar application of potassic fertilizers is a common practice to increase yields and to improve yield quality of fruit trees and other crops.

In order to supply plants with adequate dose of foliar-applied potassium, repeated sprays are required. Increasing spray concentration to save on applications may result in leaf scorching.
Haifa Bonus is a foliar fertilizer developed to enable spraying of highly concentrated solution which reduces the number of applications needed and without scorching of the foliage.
The advantages of Haifa Bonus foliar fertilizer
  • Haifa Bonus consists of pure, fully-soluble nutrients only.
  • Haifa Bonus is free of harmful compounds such as chloride, sodium, perchlorate, excessive sulfate, etc.
  • Haifa Bonus is compatible for tank mixing with a large variety of pesticides and fungicides.
  • Haifa Bonus contains a specially developed adjuvant for betterad hesion to the leaf surface, improved absorption and prolonged action.

Benefit the bonus of Haifa’s unique Bonus technology

To grant your crops with full benefits of foliar nutrition, Haifa’s range of products are formulated to remain on the leaves, and nourish the plant over time. The Haifa Bonus™ technology optimizes the adhesion of the fertilizer to the leaf surface, and improves its absorption.

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