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Calcium Nitrate – Holland (0.5/1kg)

It is made up of 15.5% Nitrogen and 19% Calcium. Calcium Nitrate fertilizer enhances plant’s photosynthesis, reduces the soil acidity thus promoting the development of microorganisms in the soil that aid in nitrogen fixation.



Calcium nitrate greenhouse grade (MiniPrill) is a fully water soluble fertilizer, that is a highly efficient source of available calcium and nitrogen for plants under all growth conditions. It is a free flowing, prilled material which dissolves quickly in water without any residues. Suited for application through all fertigation and foliar application systems – drip systems, low volume sprinklers, center pivots, and spray units. As calcium is not mobile in the plant, it has to be continuously supplied throughout the growing season to keep adequate levels in the plant tissues and to ensure proper development. The nitrate nitrogen is readily absorbed by the plant and improves the efficiency of calcium uptake.

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Application Rate:

Foliar Application: Mix 2-4 tablespoons per 1 gallon of water and spray the leaves with it.

As a Supplemental (Side Dressing) Fertilizer Application: Apply 1 pound per 100 feet of row (1 cup per 50 feet of row or 1 level tablespoonful per plant). Apply to root growing area. Do not place within 2 inches of stalk or crown of plants. Do not allow contact with wet foliage.

On Apples: Ground application broadcast under the tree. Use at a rate of 1/2 pound for each year of tree growth to a maximum of 8 pounds per tree. Apply in February or apply in split applications in February and October.

NOTE: Calcium Nitrate can be used as a foliar spray as an aid in the reduction of blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers. Apply with cover sprays every other week until 2 or 3 weeks before harvest using 3 pounds per hundred gallons of spray. Calcium Nitrate is compatible with most insecticides and fungicides used on vegetables, floral crops, and fruit crops. Do not use in combination with sulfates.

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