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Winnowing Machine

This paddy winnowing machine has a wide range for applications, according to different variety of the crops with different capacity of weight, it works by manual controlled wind speed to get the efficient sorting and winnowing of the plumpness of seeds (blighted, worm-eaten and mouldy grains) and the wastes (stalks, leaves and husks etc.), such as grains, corns, wheat, sorghums, millets, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, beans (soybeans, coffee beans); also it can achieve a very good selective effect on tea leaves, tobacco leaves, medicinal materials.


Technical parameter

Power: 0.55kw

Voltage: 220v

Capacity: 500kg/h

Weight: 17kg

Rotary speed: 2800r/min

Clean rate: 99%

This electrical drive paddy winnowing machine is suitable for rice, rice, corn, wheat, beans, peas gourd, canola, sorghum, beans and other winnowing grain, using a pulley transmission, bearings rolling basis, using very light effort, with a reasonable structure, excellent performance, volume small, lightweight, and flashlight dual-use, high efficiency, operation, maintenance simple.

Technical Parameter

Voltage 220v
Power 0.55kw
Adjustable speed 1600r/min
Dimension 580*1040*430mm
Working type Handwheel or electrical motor (speed adjustable)
Net weight 17kgs
Capacity 500kg/hour (for beans or corn etc)
500kg/hour (for wheat, rice, sorghum etc)

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