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Nipple Drinker with Cup

The poultry can drink the leaking water through the following cup, which is the first choice to reduce the cost of breeding in the poultry farm.

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The Main Benefits Of The Nipple Drinkers With Drip Cup Includes:
  1. Very ideal for poultry finishing up to a live weight of approx. 5 kg.
  2. Provides sufficient water for the birds.
  3. It keeps the litter dry without hindering the birds from drinking.
  4. The drip cup prevents water from dripping on the floor of the poultry house when the birds peck the nipple for water.
  5. The drip cup also prevents the accumulation of microbes.
  6. It protects the water drinking quality.
Main parts of installing an automatic nipple drinking line system:
  1. The front part of the watering system: Adjust water supplying pressure and stabilizing drinking volume, this partis usually installed in the control system.
  2. Water square pipe with nipples and drip cup: nipples are optional.
  3. Anti-perching system: Prevents chickens stand on the water pipe.
  4. Lifting and suspension system: Correct height for drinking system is very important for chicken, it’s very easy to adjust the drinking system’s height if use this system.
  5. Water display level tube: Use high transparency & impact-resistant material, it’s sturdy and durable, and convenient to watch the water level. This device with advanced design, it’s very easy to take down and clean.
  6. Pressure regulator: Regulating stability, high switching performance, water supply is sufficient& equality, recoil cleaning with good cleaning result and can save time and water.
  7. Medicator: Can add medicine into the drinking system automatically. Don’t use power, it’s economic and reliable. Accurate, after setting, it can adjust medicine volume according to water pressure change. It’s easy to control and maintain good corrosion resistance.
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