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Chakra Nipples (Pack of 100)

  • Guarantees clean and fresh water for the birds.
  • Free from contamination.
  • Easy reach for the birds for drinking.


Water nipples use in poultry purpose is a very predominant standard these days. Convenience in using nipple in poultry has brought a drastic demand for nipples. Other advantages included for a pleasant poultry business are namely technology, proportionate water delivery to bird, dry litter condition, water-saving, freshwater to bird, decreased contamination, better health and growth and a tidy farm.

CHAKRA has in its range, designated nipples for designated bird type. Not all birds have the same water-consuming nature. Some breed of birds will have to consume more water for their epitome and some breed of birds are enough with adequate water for their performance. Considering all these factors CHAKRA has in its manufacture, the best quality water nipples as a complete farming solution.

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