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This powerful and affordable solar generator designed for home and productive use is able to support demanding small businesses and homes completely off-the-grid.


With an innovative hybrid combination of Lithium (LiFePO4) and a lead acid battery available in four powerful sizes up to 1kWh, the Fosera EVO is able to support the most demanding household or business. With 5 V USB and 12 V outlet connectors, Fosera DC appliances can be efficiently run including lighting, phone charging, radio, TV, fan, refrigeration, and water heating.

Hybrid battery combination: The long lifetime of a Fosera LiFePO4 battery provides the main power source with the affordable cost of a lead acid battery acting as a storage backup. Once the LiFePO4 battery depletes, the lead acid battery can supply power until the Lithium battery is charged up again.

Ability to grow: In case the energy demand increases at a later stage, the Fosera EVO can be adapted to growth by adding an additional solar panel.

Intelligent LCD control panel: With priority, excess-energy, and night-light settings, the Fosera EVO manages the power consumption over the day so that all appliances have the energy needed to function.

Integrated Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology: We work with several different PAYG partners to help overcome the upfront price barrier by enabling users to divide the price into affordable amounts over time.

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