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Hatching Basket (Dozen)

Main features and benefits:

  1. Easy to handle, stack, clean, and disinfect
  2. Optimum airflow through maximum side openings
  3. Designed for automatic stacking and restacking
  4. Suitable for industrial washing machines
  5. Space for an identification card


Designed specifically to optimize hatchability and uniformity, by delivering a constant airflow over the eggs in the hatcher to improve the transfer of heat from the hatching eggs to the air. With its unique design, the bottom of the basket also limits the risk of leg spreading for the day-old chicks.

Optimally designed for easy manual and automatic stacking, the bottom design also concentrates eggs into the centre of the basket, like a natural bird nest. The resulting contact between eggs enhances communication between hatching embryos, to effectively synchronize hatching and narrow the hatch window.

  1. Fully automatic control on temperature & humidity.
  2. Automatic egg turning system
  3. High hatching rate
  4. High quality and durable


Function For transport, incubation
Type For Turkey eggs, Chicken eggs, Duck eggs
Material Plastic
Egg capacity 63 unit

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