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Pond Liner/Hapa Net (6ft by 6ft by 3ft | 100mesh)


This Hapa Net also called Pond Lining is made from Raschel woven material and is appropriate for holding fish over 0.5 gram individual weight. The mesh is very robust and is able to withstand regular brush cleanings and long periods of direct sunlight. Includes a sturdy top-rope and reinforced loops with rope attached at each corner and top and bottom along the length. Hapas can be installed in the pond and fixed and tied to nylon ropes and bamboo poles

  • Used to raise different specie or size of fish in the same pond
  • It helps in preventing fish or fry from escaping the pond.
  • It helps to reduce mortality rate under harsh weather conditions.
  • It’s easy to install in the pond as it can be tied to nylon ropes or bamboo poles.
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