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Solar Aerator

Solar powered Aeration Systems are similar to electrical powered systems. The main benefit of solar-powered aeration systems is that they can be used in remote dugouts where access to an Alternating Current (AC) grid is not practical.


Solar Powered systems consist of solar arrays (solar panels) that convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity, which can be used directly or stored in batteries for use at night or on cloudy days. Invertors can be used to convert DC to AC.

A Typical Solar Aeration System consists of:

  • Solar panels (sized to supply enough power for calculated consumption)
  • Deep cycle batteries to store excess power
  • A control board with the regulator (charge controller)
  • Compressor
  • Weighted feeder hose
  • Air diffuser

Product Features

This solar panel 18v 17w, which includes a storage battery, can continue to work 10 hours if full.

One single outlet that can be multiplied into many.

Comes with:
  • 4 air stones
  • Short air hose and
  • 3-T duplicators

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