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Chicken Friendly Solar Light

The product is specially equipped with high-quality solar panels, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, and six (6) units LED lamps. It also comes with connecting cables and installation accessories making it easy to install and quickly put to use.


Chicken Friendly helps small farmers reduce livestock stress and mortality, regulate circadian rhythm, and substantially increase the production of eggs, meat, and other protein sources, while dramatically reducing energy and other input costs. By utilising Chicken Friendly solar powered LED lighting, you will take advantage of the unique spectral requirements of poultry, swine, dairy cattle, fish, and crustaceans.

With high durability and a plethora of features, Chicken Friendly is just the perfect choice for chicken rearing and other farming activities. It comes with the following features:

  • High-Quality 35Wp Solar Panel: this is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. With this gadget, you do not have to worry about rusting, dusty outdoor sheds, or other inclement weather conditions.
  • High-Quality Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries: this feature ensures a long lighting period when using our product. These high-quality batteries are managed by our intelligent battery charger to ensure long battery life. They also come with four (4) power outlets and two (2) USB ports.
  • Six (6) Units of 400Lm LED Lamps: These high-quality lights will provide unprecedented light sources to your chicken and other farm activities. In addition, the lights come with dimming option that enables you to significantly adjust the brightness to your chickens’ liking.
  • Connecting Cable and Installation Accessories: Connecting cables allow you to install the panel at a place convenient for you and at an appreciable distance from the light. The product also comes with other installation accessories that make setting-up very easy for you.
  • Manual: This explicitly explains what you need to know about the operations of the product.
  • Infrared remote.

Facts About Chicken Friendly Solar Lights

  • Chicken Friendly Solar Lights can illuminate up to a whopping 30 feet by 65 feet perimeter.
  • It is energy-saving and offers farmers the ability to manually adjust the brightness to their chickens’ liking.
  • Depending on your stock, the product will be adequate for more than 200 broilers.
  • 7 hours operation in the bright mode, 14 hours for dim mode.
  • It is eco-friendly and resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • Just 5-6 hours until full charge.

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