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Hanging Electric Fogger


Hanging Electric Fogger is the best farm equipment that can easily cool the temperature of your pen house. Very useful during the hot season; It works by sprinkling water on the birds in a fine mist, so they are not affected by the harsh weather conditions. The electric fogger has a radius of 30ft and it works like a fan serving up to 1500 birds. It is a high capacity electric fogger with absolute efficiency.


· Ideal mist fan for the environment which needs humidity, cooling, disinfection. Extremely atomization efficiency.
· Centrifugal misting system, no trouble of nozzle clogging, no screech.
· Stainless steel atomizer and dynamic balance rotated disk, exact calculation for water output, beyond 3000rpm, the misting fan makes mist particle in 10~20μm.
· Motor with 100% copper, IP44, B class.
· PP body with ANTI-UV material, ANTI-Corrosion, Long lasting.
· With water value to control the volume of the mist.
· With CE certificate.
· Easy installation.


· Agriculture Greenhouse
· Poultry House
· Flower House
· Cattle farm
· mushroom
· Other: Amusement park

Weight 33.3 kg

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