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Farmers File

The Farmers File is a double-sided, general purpose file for keeping all of your garden tools clean, rust-free, and sharp. Works great on long-handle tools and short-handle tools.


The Farmers File is a general purpose sharpening tool that is a must-have for any shop or garden shed. It works well on almost all surfaces including ferrous metals, iron bar, metal, plastics, stainless steel and wood. Keep your tools performing at their maximal potential by sharpening them with this hand file.

Product Features

  • Double-cut on one side for faster cutting.
  • Single-cut on the other for a finer edge.
  • 8″ file area + handle = 12″ long. Width = 1″
  • Keep in your pocket while gardening.
  • For hoes, cutlass, digging tools, mower blades, etc.

Sharpening Your Tools

Many landscapes and garden tools are used for cutting or chopping, and they also benefit from sharpening. Some obvious examples are axes and pruners, but tools like shovels, cutlass, and hoes also are used to cut and chop. Digging with a sharpened shovel often requires less effort and can reduce the amount of time a job takes.

In fact, keeping tools like pruning shears, shovels, and mowing blades sharp actually means better results for your plants. Clean, sharp cuts allow pruned or cut areas to close more quickly and reduce the chances of rot or infection.

Sharpening Techniques

When sharpening tools, be patient and remember—the angle matters. Take your time and do the job right. The angle, or bevel, that you put on a tool’s edge determines how sharp the tool is. However, the proper angle is also determined by the intended use of the tool. The proper bevel for a shovel is not the same as that for hand pruners. The smaller the angle, the sharper the edge, but an edge with a smaller angle is not as durable.

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