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Cloud Energy Inverter (1KVA / 12V | 1.5KVA / 12V)

1kva/12V or 1.5KVA /12V cloud energy inverter, pure sign wave with AC charger, Can work with 1 12V battery or more.


The 1KVA/12V | 1.5KVA/12V Home Inverter is a compact and highly efficient Pure Sine Wave Inverter with AC Charger that converts 12 Volts DC (Nominal) to 1.5kilo volts-ampere at 220 Volts, 50Hz. The features of this inverter include overload, short circuit, over-temperature, under & over voltage protections, low power saving mode to conserve energy.


Pure sine wave output
Low-frequency design
Output factor
Output socket optional
Generator input and dry contact
Full automatic and silent operation
High Efficiency
No Noise

Care and Maintenance

1.This series products only need rarely care, the battery only needs keeping charging so that can get expected lifetime. When connecting with the grid, no matter the equipment on and off, it should be charged battery and provide overcharge/over-discharge protection function.
2. If the equipment will not be used for long-term, we suggest it should be charged 1 time every 4~6 month. Usually, the battery can be used for 3~5 years, if it has some problem, then the battery should be changed as soon as possible. When changing the battery, it must be operated by professional and obey battery supplier indicate.
3.When the equipment has been used normally, the battery need charging/discharging every 4~6 month, charging after it discharge until the equipment power off and charging time can’t less than 12 hours. At the high-temperature area, the battery needs charging/discharging every 2 months, and charging time can’t less than 12 hours.
4, Before changing the battery, it must be closed equipment and break away from the grid, close the battery switch. Take off the metal objects such as rings, watches. Use a screwdriver with insulated handle, don’t put the tool, or other metal on the battery.
5. Connect the battery line, tiny spark in joint belongs to the normal phenomenon, and will not cause harm to the personal safety and equipment. Never connect the battery positive and negative into short or the reverse.

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