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Automatic Egg Incubator (192-Egg Capacity)


This incubator is easy to use because all the parameters are preset. It has alarms that ring, when the humidity or temperature is too high, are too low. Comes complete with automatic egg turner and a fan to circulate air for more even air temperature across all the eggs. Instructions included and you may change the presets and alarms as you like.  Comes in styrofoam packaging which can be utilized to help insulate the incubator thus requiring less electricity to operate.

  • Fully automatic egg turning system
  • Automatic temperature controller and automatic Humidity
  • Useful for multiple size eggs like a chicken, Goose, Duck, Quail, and so on
  • Incubators, One-button intelligence, control temperature, and humidity, turn eggs, ventilation, alarm. High hatching rate, peace of mind
  • 360° roller egg tray, evenly turning eggs, evenly heated. External sink, easy to add water
  • Multi-function egg tray for home, laboratory, or small farms, for hatching chickens, bird, pigeon, quail, etc. 80% of poultry
  • Capacity:- Chicken eggs:192, Goose eggs :96, Duck eggs: 144, Pigeon eggs: 264, Quail eggs:456

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